Mr. Photo is a great program to capture, manage, edit, and merge images and video files. This application combines many functions to perform the entire process of digital image processing: from capture to final print or multimedia distribution of original compositions of image and sound.
The program collects a proliferation of specific applications from slideshows, screensavers, postcards, pictures to videos, interviews, and more. Its interface is extremely simple, intuitive and includes quick on-screen help to make a complete program work without prior knowledge of image editing. Using only 4 tabs, you will have access to many tools that allow you to produce creative and professional results in no time.

Import: From here you will load all the pictures and videos that you want to use in your creations. You will have assistants to get pictures from your disk drive, digital camera, mass storage device, removable memory, and any TWAIN device. You will also create screenshots in Cam / DV's AVI format and receive videos. Additionally, you have found a browser that has advanced search functions to search for images within large directories or folders.

Enhancement: From here you will improve the standard of viewing your images, add frames, add effects, remove red-eye, rotate, etc. You will also add audio to your photos and can also make videos from a series of photos. In addition, it is useful for converting file formats, as well as its size for optimizing web utilities.

It supports BMP, FPX, JPG, PCX, PCD, PNG, TGA, TIF, WMF, JFIF, EXIF, and POF image formats.

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